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NSWCEG Medals to Recognise Excellence made their debut at the 2000 NSWCEG State Conference. These medals had been in the planning for a number of years as we were experiencing some difficulty in awarding the title Educator of the Year.

The Board and members often found it very difficult to decide upon a suitable recipient. It proved very difficult to compare the contributions of a number of members as we were limited to one presentation a year.

It was felt that the best way to overcome this problem was to present a medal in recognition of a person's contributions, an organisation's contribution, a project's contribution or even a publication, software, media or resource pack.

The Criteria for the NSWCEG Medal

The Medals could be awarded at any time to an individual, a team, a school, a resource package or to a project. The purpose of the medal was to recognise excellence in the area of computer-based technologies in education.

Medal Recipients

At our State Conference in 2000, three medals were presented.

Medal number 1 was hung up, so to speak, in the name of Dr Ian Pirie. It had been our intention to present Ian with the first medal to recognise his long and valued contribution to computer-based technologies in education.

Unfortunately, Ian's death in the preceding year prevented us making this presentation to him. It is believed that Ian only missed one conference and he contributed to an endless number of workshops, activities, working parties and committees.

Ian was one of the founding members of the NSWCEG and the Australian Council for Computers in Education. He contributed widely to the Australian Computer Society and was Chief Education Officer of the NSW Computer Education Unit (CEU). He was also Chief Examiner for the Computing Studies Syllabus. Ian came into contact with an enormous number of teachers and educational leaders. He trained many teachers and supervised many teachers undertaking further study. He leaves a strong legacy as an advocate for computer-based technologies in education.

Later that evening, many of us gathered in the bar and reminisced. It was suggested to that the medals become known as “the Pirie's” or “the Pixies”. The significance of “Pixie” was that in the days of the Computer Education Unit, the Microbee and WorkStar, the spell checker wanted to change Pirie to Pixie. So Ian affectionately became known as Pixie.

Medal number 2 was presented to Bruce Mitchell . Bruce recently retired from Greygum Software. Bruce has worked around computer-based technologies in education since its very early days with Jacaranda Software. He, Jacaranda and Greygum Software have been enormous supporters of the NSWCEG in this state and across Australia. Bruce has always been willing to participate in our conferences and workshops/inservices. There would not be a school in Australia that has not used software that Bruce has had a hand in.

Medal number 3 was presented to Phil Nanlohy . Phil had contributed widely to conferences, workshops, committees and so on since the very early days of the NSWCEG. Phil was a DSP consultant in Computers in Education, then a Regional Consultant and he is currently a lecturer in Teacher Education. Phil has served as a Director of the CEG for over fifteen years. He has influenced government policy, convened workshops and inservices, published widely in the area, edited numerous conference proceeding and other resources. He has contributed enormously over the years to the success of our conferences and the success of our professional association.


Medal number 4 was presented to Shane Wharton at the 2002 NSWCEG State Conference. Shane has been a Primary School teacher, a curriculum consultant, a computer education consultant and one of the earliest members of the Computer Education Unit, where he worked in the professional development team and then the hardware evaluation unit. In these roles, Shane had considerable influence on many of the early adopters of technology and the policies developed by the Department of Education.

Shane spent many years working in industry in positions with Acorn Computers and TeleSystems. In these roles he continued to assist teachers and schools to implement technology in education.

Whilst involved in schools and in industry, Shane continued to lecture at the University of Western Sydney, where he exposed many teachers to the benefits of using technology in education. Shane is currently IT manager CEO Diocese of Parramatta.

Shane is IT and Newsletter editor as well as an active Director of the NSWCEG. Through our conferences and workshops, he has continued to influence how teachers use ICT.

Shane is continuing a long history of leadership, support and empowerment of teachers using Technology in Education. He joins the esteemed list of past recipients.

We hope that we can continue to recognise present and past members for their contributions over the next few years.


Medal 5- Pauline Tipping

Medal 6- Ted Sawyer

Life Time Members Ted Sawyer


Medal 7 – Pete Dailhou

Medal 8- Greg Alchin

Medal 9 – ASI


Medal 10 – Sally Blackwell

Medal 11 – Glenda Johnston

Medal 12 – Ellen Sheerin