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CPC overview

CPC stands for Content Pre-provisioning Cache.

These servers are managed by ITD and the regional support teams. The official information about CPC is here, although this is only available from within the DET WAN.

CPC Servers provide the following services:

  • Digital Learning Resources
  • Windows and Macintosh software installers
  • Windows Server Update Services
  • Symantec AV Server
  • DNS Server
  • WINS Server
  • DHCP Server (optional, potential conflict with existing school servers)
  • TFTP Server for PXE network booting - WinPE, Linux, DOS (optional, requires above DHCP server enabled)

The optional services are enabled/disabled by regional teams depending on school requirements.

The CPC servers use 3 IP addresses from the school's allocated range. This has created headaches in a number of schools due to CPC being assigned addresses that were previously recommended as OASIS printer addresses.

Access to DET software on CPC server

This document gives the procedures that need to be followed in order to access the software stored on the CPC server. The key is that the user must be added to the SWIM group in AMU. If the user is logged in to a Windows domain computer with @DET credentials, simply navigating to the CPC address (usually \\10.nn.nn.41) will give access to the software location. (sorry, can't upload pdf documents)

The Big Bad Blue LED

Dell seems to think servers should have superbright blue LEDs. I do not. This slightly annoying "feature" is easily fixed with some tape or post-it notes. Depending on the installation location, a few layers might be required to bring it down to an acceptable level.

For the more adventurous, the front panel can be removed using the catch on the top of the case (if it was not locked by your regional team)... The light "filter" (your tape, post-it, etc) can then be installed directly between the LED and the light guide. This should also prevent the "filter" falling off as easily.


There are three separate issues regarding CPC DNS servers and Updates

1. DNS Forwarders for DNS servers, these are mainly for TaLE to work. They tell your DNS servers to forward all traffic to the CPC IP address.

2. DNS A record for CPC server. You manually add an entry to your DNS zone that points to CPC server, e.g. 8122cpc1.yourdomain.edu.au pointing to 10.x.y.41. This is used to resolve the server based only off host name, and is mainly to get SAV to download updates OK.

3. Adding a Group Policy that points all your computers to the CPC server for Windows Updates, this can use either the IP address, the DNS entry from item 2 above or the official name, 8122cpc1.dtmanagement.det.nsw.edu.au

Script to access cpc

Modify the cpcserver= line and change XXXX to your school code, then save as a .cmd or .bat file, and run.

@echo off
rem ===============
rem CPC Access script by James Mitchell
set cpcserver=XXXXcpc1
rem ===============
set fqdn=%cpcserver%.dtmanagement.det.nsw.edu.au
echo Cleaning up open connections to cpc server...
for /f "tokens=2,3 skip=4" %%A IN ('net use') DO (call :checkdrive %%A %%B)
echo Open connections closed, please authenticate.
set /P detuser="Enter your DET username: "
net use * \\%fqdn%\software /user:%detuser%@det *
goto :eof

SET drive=%1
SET folder=%2
SET isdrive=%drive:~1,1%
SET isdrvcpc=
SET isfoldercpc=
if [%2] NEQ [] SET isdrvcpc=%folder:~2,8%
if [%1] NEQ [] SET isfoldercpc=%drive:~2,8%
if [%isdrive%]==[:] if [%isdrvcpc%]==[%cpcserver%] net use %drive% /delete
if [%isfoldercpc%]==[%cpcserver%] net use %drive% /delete

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