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AppleScript: illuminating the way forward

Many of the pages listed here contain discussions about achieving specific outcomes when using particular applications or techniques. Many also contain AppleScripts designed for three purposes (i) to provide and demonstrate an automated workflow (ii) to demonstrate the ease with which AppleScript achieves very complex tasks (iii) to demonstrate that AppleScript is easily read (if written with that in mind) and so can be used as the focus of discussing how to achieve a particular result using algorithmic processes.

There is a large number of scriptable Apple OS X applications that can use AppleScript. The best way to begin learning about this technology is to get hold of Apple's AppleScript Language Guide, read it all the way through, start up the AppleScript Editor application and begin writing short but useful scripts (programs). This site contains a large number of non-trivial useful examples that can be used to (i) help focus on the kinds of things AppleScript can do, (ii) give you instant beginning scripts that can be easily modified for your purpose.

Support Web Sites and Web Technology

Apple Support - Official Apple support site. Warren McCullough's WebStuff - Tips and information for the implementation of ICT in schools

On-line LCD Monitor Adjustment Tool

Evaluation and adjustment of LCD screens is important. Test and adjust your LCD screen online.

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