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With web 2.0 fast becoming the norm, and reliable, robust broadband infrastructure heading your way soon if you don't have it already, many people are choosing to take advantage of the myriad of free online tools and applications that are available.


File Storage

Document Management

ZOHO A free suite of applications. Writer, database, spreadsheets and more. Invite others to collaborate and share. Upload powerpoints and get embeddable code for your blog or wiki. Free

Google Apps -

Collaborative Tools

Moodle - An online learning environment that offers many opportunities for students to collaborate on work.

A suggestion from ISTE 2010 as to use of Google Tools

A further suuggestion list of Web 2.0 tools from ISTE

File Conversion

ConverTube Convert YouTube and TeacherTube and a myriad of others to a format of your choice for offline viewing.

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