DER Wireless Network

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DER Wireless Network

The DET specifies that staff will be able to use their personal devices on the new 802.11n wireless network. The settings below assume that you

  • use Windows 7 Professional or above (known to work on Windows XP)
  • are using a non DER laptop that has 802.11n wireless supporting 5GHz
    • If your WiFi card says it does 802.11a, AND 802.11n, then it's probably 5GHz 802.11n capable
    • There seem to be some schools where 2.4GHz is enabled
  • know what you are doing!

Here are the security parameters:

Parameter Value
Network name nswdet
Security type WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type AES
Network authentication method Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Validate certificate Disabled (It is enabled on DER netbooks. However, there has not yet been a method to export the DET certificate and import it to another machine)
Authetication Method Secured (EAP-MSCHAP v2), disabling Automatically use my Windows logon name and password.
Enable Fast Reconnect Enabled

Advanced security settings (802.1X)

Parameter Value
Specify authentication mode User authentication
Enable single sign on for this network Disabled

Your login will be the same as the portal, appending "@detnsw" at the end. So for example if your login is john.smith134 for the portal, then your DER wireless password is "john.smith134@detnsw".

Don't forget to set your browser to (port 8080). Use of a PAC File (either for your school or the failover-wireless one in the DER laptops) will mean that you will not have to untick the proxy when changing between the school network and elsewhere.

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