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Teachers in NSW DET schools have access to several email systems. Unfortunately, current policy blocks access to many free email services (such as Hotmail & Gmail) as well as many webmail services provided by ISPs. This blocking is only partial because the DET email is based on the Gmail system. This means that DET cannot block the acctual gmail site without creating another system. Gmail can be accessed by just typing in the correct address or favourites.


Staff email accounts

Using Nokia e72 with DET email

on 16-03-10 successfully sorted my Noki e72 to sync DET emails and DET calendar events with the DET email after a lot of confusion. Here are the details of what worked for me.... only with a fake account ..

  • Email =
  • mailbox = Mail for Exch
  • User name = johnee.smith23@det
  • Password = det password
  • servername =
  • domain = none - leave this blank

advanced mailbox settings ....

  • access point = internet
  • secure = yes
  • port number 443

DET calendar integration on Nokia E72 mobile phone

then - go into calendar, then options, then settings - navigate to the section that is called default mailbox - (here you have the email addresses to pick from to update your calendar ) pick the relevant mailbox (i.e. the DET one - mail for exchange)Now you should get the calendar updates from your DET mail !!!!

I hope this helps someone as I spent hours on this.... Mendo

(Deprecated?) Using Outlook on Windows (within DET WAN)

As of 23-02-10, teachers are no longer allowed to use Outlook. Further action is being taken to ban all teachers, except principals, from using it. Contact your Regional Director if the entire school uses it to have it re-enabled. It has been done at some schools.

  • Exchange server address:
  • Username (provided by administrator): type in your DET portal username, with "@det" appended.
  • Authentication user name: DET portal login with "@det" appended, i.e. john.smith@det
  • Password: DET portal password

Using Outlook on Windows (from anywhere)

(Works on Outlook 2010. Haven't tried on Outlook 2007/3)

  • Exchange server address:
  • Username (provided by administrator): type in your DET portal username, with "@det" appended.
  • Authentication user name: DET portal login with "@det" appended, i.e. john.smith@det
  • Password: DET portal password

The following settings need to be applied:

  • Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  • Exchange Proxy Settings
- URL: (https://)
- Connect using SSL only
 -- Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate:
 --- On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
- Proxy authentication settings: NTLM Authentication.

Autodiscover USED to work. For some reason it was switched off some time in July 2011, after the site was down for 2 weeks due to the name change to DEC.

Using on a Mac with Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard's Exchange support allows Mail to access Department mail from outside the DET WAN.

To configure Mail, start by setting up a new account. In the window that appears set the following:

  • Full Name: Whatever you'd like to appear as, probably your name
  • Email Address:
  • Password: Your portal password

Click Continue and a new box should appear with "Username"

  • Username: firstname.lastname@det


  • Username: MTEACHER (Network ID)

Hit Continue and Snow Leopard seems to be able to autodiscover everything.

If it fails the following information is listed in Preferences and may be useful:

  • Internal server:
  • External server: <leave blank> (a greyed out "" should be here)

All other boxes are as above.

Using Microsoft Entourage on a Mac

Now all staff have access to what were formerly known as Corporate email accounts. Here are some documents detailing how to access these accounts using Entourage on a mac.

Entourage 2004

Entourage 2008

Using with IMAP on a Mac

These settings work within school, but not from outside the DET network.

Account Type: IMAP

Email Address:

Incoming mail Server:

Username: yyourname@det ... Use your long name, i.e. john.smith@det

Password: Portal password

Outgoing Mail Server:

Authentication: same as incoming mail server (may need to click "Cancel" and try again before it will authenticate)

Outlook Web Access Server:, it will ask you to add/confirm the Security Certificate

Using iPhone with MS Exchange and @DET

These settings work both within the DET network and from outside:

Select MS Exchange

Email Address:



Username: Short network ID eg, MTEACHER2

Password: DET portal password

Use SSL: On

These settings sync email, contacts and calendars

Some users have reported that it does not work for users migrated from IE if you had a account before the migration it should work for you.

Using Android phones with MS Exchange and @DET

The iphone settings above worked on my Android phone and allowed me to synch my email, calendars, contacts, tasks, as well as access the GAL when replying to & composing mail.

These settings worked using my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy) using Android 1.5 and the "Touchdown by Exchange" app ( The app is free for read only features (download it from the market) and still handy - pay around $25 for full version.

For some reason looking at the settings after configuration, the app's settings say my email address is but it still works and I don't want to break it by changing it!

The iPhone settings work with Android 2.1 on the Samsung Galaxy i9000 with it's pre-installed email app. The only difference is that you have to combine the domain and username sections into one like so-\short network ID


The "Quick Configuration" worked using these settings below and the iphone ones above.

Uses SSL: Don't Know (this this is the actual option to select)

Protocols to check for: select all here - just makes the process take a longer time but the app should end up with the right option (appears to be "Activsynch" in my case).

You may need to untick the option "This is my email address" and enter the @det one at the beginning.

Principal Accounts

Principals are given complete Outlook/Exchange access to email. It is unclear why this is limited to principals. Some lucky non-principals may also have access due to having acted as principals in the past for example.

In Outlook, add an Exchange account with the following details. Server: Username: staff\networkID or first.last@det

Opening Other Exchange Accounts

This might help the poor SAM or Principal in schools who not only need to monitor ther own email account but also the generic school email ( the school admin email (schoolname-h.admin@det)

Rather than just Delegate permission, you need to give Owner permission by connecting to Exchange through Outlook, right click on the Mailbox, select Properties and add the user that needs permanent access, changing the permission level to Owner.

You can then go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Data Files, click on the Exchange Mailbox and click on Settings -> Advanced, adding the Exchange accounts that are required.

School Mail Exchanger (MX) Record

A few schools managed to get an MX record entered into the DNS tables that allowed them to set up their own email servers. No longer available to new applicants. Can somebody provide details?

Are there others? Put it here Settings? Help out!

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