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All schools have a PAC file created for them located on the DET server, school PAC files should be in the following format:     for high schools     for primary schools

e.g. The one for Bathurst High is

Proxy Autoconfiguration: DHCP method

The DHCP proxy autoconfiguration method is pretty much restricted to Windows clients running Internet Explorer. For other browsers and OSes, DNS method is preferred.

To setup your DHCP server to handle auto proxy configuration you will need to add the option 252 to your DHCP server. To do this on Windows Server, first run the following in a command prompt:

netsh dhcp server add optiondef 252 "PAC File" STRING 0 comment="PAC File for Browser Auto config"

Next, using the DHCP MMC Plugin, go to "Scope Options" or "Server DHCP" click "Actions", "Configure Options" check the box "252 PAC File" and type your PAC File into the box.

ISC DHCPD can also be used to do this. Simply add the following to the dhcpd.conf file, being sure to modify the PAC location:

option wpad-curl code 252 = text;
option wpad-url "" ;

Proxy Autoconfiguration: DNS method

For browsers and operating systems not from MS, the DHCP method is unlikely to work. To provide more broad support, the DNS method can be used (MSIE also makes use of this method).

The general idea is to create an alias (CNAME) called "wpad" which points to a web server. On that web server, you place a copy of the PAC file in the root folder called "wpad.dat". That's it. A second copy of the file called "wpad.da" (missing "t") should be created to work around an issue with some versions of Internet Explorer looking for the wrong file.

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