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Might I suggest "Linux" and "Novell" as 2 more categories on this nav page? I know a number of us use these, and notes on all would be good.

Also, I am wondering if Microsoft would be a better category than Windows.

And why is the Apple logo so damn big?

REPLY Go for your life, add them. Also, rather than "Apple" call it MacOSX to be consistent. May then need WinXP and WinVista as separate links. Naaah, just keep it as Windows. Not sure why the apple logo is so damn big - from what I can see in the code, it should be a lot smaller. If you know how to scale the logos so that they are all the same size, please feel free. Thanks for adding to the wiki. It was starting to get a bit lonely.

The DET category is now larger than the OASIS one. I've made OASIS a subcategory of DET, and I'm changing the OASIS on the nav panel to DET (and will put the DET logo on there). Tin 11:42, 28 February 2008 (EST)

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