Virtual PCs For Application Deployment

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Using Virtual PCs for Application Deployment

You can use MS Virtual PCs or VMWare workstations to make repackaging applications for the network much easier.

Download MS Virtual PC 2007 from MS or DET site.

Create a new PC and do a clean install of Windows XP and configure your default settings. If required install Novell Client. (But No ZEN yet).

Make the VHD read-only and use this as a base image to create new computers using a differencing disk.


Once you have configured the new pcs for their use, save all their details then set them to use scratch disks, so they delete changes on reboot.

My Setup

I have above with 2 differencing disk PCs, 1 without Zen I use for capturing and repackaging applications, and one with Zen I use for group policy editing and testing application deployment.

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