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NSW Computer Co-Ordinator Wiki

Welcome to the NSWCC Wiki. Please add to the wiki so the next person can find what they want. Wiki's don't grow without contributions. Read this before you edit the wiki. online users counter script

This website aims to eventually be filled with information and guides relating to the role of Computer Co-Ordinator within a NSW Department of Education School. Some of these articles are specifically written with that system in mind and will have little or no relevance to anyone else.research papers

Quick Links: Windows | Mac | OASIS | Free and Open Source Software | Online Tools | Articles needing Cleanup | Knowledge Base | Registry Tweaks

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Place HolderDET
Information relating to the NSW Department of Education and Training, and systems and tools they provide. Includes OASIS, CPC and The Portal.
Place Holder Windows
Information and guides about the various version of Window's enviroments.
Place HolderMac
Information and guides for Mac environments.
Place HolderNovell/Netware
Information and guides about Novell/Netware servers/networks.
Place HolderLinux
Information and guides for Linux Servers, Workstations and Thin Clients, and their use in schools
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